Semantic vision technologies allows you to recover high-level information from low level information such as images.

This page contains Discrete Area Filters(DAF) Face Detector library. It's features are:

  • - detecting 15 face points
  • - detecting 4 face parts (left eye, right eye, mouth and nose)
  • - detecting multiple faces
  • - detecting partially occluded faces
Library was created by Jacek Naruniec. Library is free for academic, non-commercial use.
When publishing results obtained using this library or any of it's parts, user is obligated to cite the following paper:

J. Naruniec, W. Skarbek: "Face Detection by Discrete Gabor Jets and Reference Graph of Fiducial Points" in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 4481 LNAI, pp. 187-194, 2007

Above article presents some basics of the algorithm (features obtained using area filters, modified Linear Discriminant Analysis), although full description of the algorithm used here will be published soon. Then the given citation will change.

Here are the actual results obtained using the library: