?How to Purify Water on a Boat

No matter if you're a day sailor or long-distance cruiser, access to clean and safe water is paramount. A quality marine filtration system will quickly turn saltwater into freshwater so that you stay hydrated and healthy while on the road.

It is essential to select a filtration system that's efficient and capable of producing potable water from any source. Efficiency can be measured in terms of how much energy a filter uses as well as what features make it work faster and smarter.

?Is there a filter that can make ocean water

If you find yourself needing to drink water, be sure it is safe for consumption by filtering out salt from the liquid.

There are two primary methods: boiling the water or passing it through filters that trap salt but let liquid pass. Both options require a considerable amount of energy and cost, however.

Scientists have recently unlocked the secret to getting salt out of seawater without boiling it. Their solution: a membrane made from graphene oxide, an innovative material.

This material is a thin sheet of carbon atoms that expands when exposed to water. When researchers tested it, they discovered that it could rapidly remove salt from brackish water within minutes.

Thus, this new technology can be employed to affordably provide fresh water to regions around the world that lack it. UNICEF estimates that 1.42 billion people live in areas where drinking water is scarce.

?What does the military use to purify water

The military employs a range of water purification equipment, from small handheld units to larger mobile systems.

One such product is the ROWPU, or Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit. These units can purify up to 1,500 gallons per hour depending on the source water source and eliminate toxins such as selenium, iron and magnesium that could lead to health issues.

These units provide safe drinking water to soldiers on bases and in the field, particularly beneficial to combat troops who operate where there is limited or no existing infrastructure for water supply.

In addition to providing a secure source of water, the ROWPU also can be utilized for cleansing water contaminated with nuclear and chemical NBC warfare agents. They come equipped with additional deionization cartridges that filter out other types of impurities.

In addition to these larger systems, the Army also has smaller semimobile water purification units that can be transported on military vehicles. These devices are capable of purifying raw freshwater, seawater and brackish water.

?Do water purifiers work

Water filters are commonly used in home plumbing to purify the water, eliminating particles such as dirt and unpleasant odors from their source. Unfortunately, these cannot eliminate viruses, bacteria or protozoa from the liquid.

Filters cannot eliminate all contaminants, and the smallest waterborne pathogens can pass through pores measuring in microns. Therefore, it's always wise to bring a water purifier when travelling to areas without adequate sanitation facilities.

Thankfully, there are several solutions to get clean and delicious water on your boat water purifier without breaking the bank or risking your health. The most cost-effective and effective option is a small but powerful UV water purifier.

These come in a range of forms, from tablets to gadgets that mix base ingredients. They offer an affordable and straightforward way to purify water, making them great for boating as a backup system in case your main filter breaks down.

The only drawback of most models is that they require field cleaning of the element and cannot be used on seeps or shallow water sources. Furthermore, these treatments typically only provide one-person relief and aren't meant for long-term exposure in harsh conditions.